Conn 56B New Era

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Conn 56B New Era

Conn 56B New Era in beautiful gold plate.  1929, excellent ready to play condition.  The only defect of note on this horn is the 3rd slide trigger was resoldered (decades ago).  This horn is on consignment from the 2nd owner who has owned it for over 70 years.  Recently cleaned and serviced, the owner asked it be "prepped for storage" so the grease is a bit heavier than you may want for playing, wipe it off and re-grease and you are good to go.  Everything moves and works well.  Valve compression is excellent.  Louis Armstrong played this model before switching to selmer, very desirable and good luck finding another in this condition, with all the original accessories and case.



This instrument is not currently on display in our store, please call ahead or email if you want to come try it in person.  Thanks.