Jack Baritone Concertina Package

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Jack Baritone Concertina Package

The Jackie and Jack are 30 key english concertinas, designed and developed by the Concertina Connection® . Both instruments are identical in appearance and sound, but differ in compass.

The Jackie is a treble english concertina, with a range comparable to a violin. The Jack is a baritone english concertina. It has the same fingering as the Jackie, but sounds one octave lower.


  Jack baritone english concertina package. $445.00 

                          Price includes:
                        - Baritone concertina: 30 keys, ranging from the 
                          second G below middle C to the first C above 
                          middle C. Fully chromatic.
                        - Tutor, especially written for this instrument
                        - Gig bag
                        - Free shipping 
within the USA