Waltons Rainbow Whistle Red

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PERFECT FIRST WHISTLE | An all Red Key of D Tin Whistle with red coated solid brass body and red mouthpiece giving you lots of sweet tone and fresh fun look!

INCLUDES A SIX LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET | For the musician that is just learning how to play the tin whistle, we have included a language instruction booklet that will help walk you through the beginning steps of learning how to play this beautiful woodwind instrument!  

COMES IN KEY D | This tin whistle comes in the key of D, allowing you to play a wide variety of music as well as giving you the mellow tone and melody that you are looking for in a tin whistle.

QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST | Our mouthpieces have been designed to give an easy to blow whistle that does not require too much air to achieve a good tone thus making it easier for beginners and less experienced players to concentrate on playing technique rather than having to put all their effort into simply producing a good tone as is the case with many whistles.

THE LEGENDARY BRAND | The Waltons brand is committed to delivering quality products at an affordable cost. Add to your cart today!