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We carry many student model trumpets.  As our student model inventory turns over very frequently, it is impossible for us to keep this site up to date with every current model we have in stock.  But, rest assured, what we have is quality.  We only carry major brands like Yamaha, Conn, Armstrong, Vito, Selmer etc.. We will not sell you a chinese TSO (trumpet shaped object).  Every instrument we sell has gone through our shop and has been set up and is ready to play, case and mouthpiece included.  Feel free to contact us for current information on what we have available and for pictures of a specific trumpet if you desire them.  Some prices may vary (as in, we might even be able to beat this advertised price) depending on finish wear/age.  We are happy to give you specifics if you contact us, or feel free to place your oder and we will contact you with the exact make and model you will be recieving before we ship out.