Al's Music Shop prides itself on being one of the last full service musical instrument repair shops in the area.  Our brass technician is a graduate of the Renton Technical College Musical Instrument Repair Program, and our string technician has apprenticed under some world class technicians.  This education, combined with years of practice, makes them very comfortable making sure your instrument plays its best in all conditions.
Brass Repair-
Metalworking is a dying art, thousands of years old.  Here at Al's Music, we embrace that art putting an emphasis on fine quality craftsmanship.  The key factors that make a brass instrument preform up to its best potential are a clean aligned bore, no leaks, no stress and smooth mechanical action (valves and slides). These factors will allow the air flow to be uninhibited and allow the instrument to resonate.  We possess the most modern tools, the experience and the knowledge to get the most out of your brass instrument.
Woodwind Repair-
Repairing a woodwind instrument is not unlike solving a jumbo jigsaw puzzle.  Everything needs to work and fit together perfectly.  The end result is beautiful, but is often a challenge to finish it. We have been training, learning and practicing our woodwind repair skills for many years, and are confident we can provide you with an instrument you will enjoy playing.  Every repair is a learning opportunity, so with our focus on high quality repairs, every repair is better than the last (and the last was pretty good too...).  Please contact us with any questions you may have, we are here to provide great customer service.
String Repair-
Our trained repair man puts his emphasis on quality.  Some stores bang through repairs and set ups to get the most done in the day.  Here, we take our time to make sure the instrument sings to its best potential and that you are happy with the results.